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Here at X1 Lettings, we are proud to be recognised as a unique agency which stands out from the crowd.

Our award achievements can reflect the outstanding work and service that each of our employees provide day to day to our residents, landlords, clients and anybody who comes into contact with X1 Lettings.
We are proud of each and every award we have won over the years and each award is a symbolism of the growth and success along X1 Lettings’ journey.

Our friendly and enthusiastic team, all with knowledge of their local areas. We’re committed to providing the highest standard of accommodation in both the student and residential sector.

Are you are looking for your new student accommodation in Liverpool or Manchester? Maybe you’re a working professional in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds or Kent? Either way we are bound to have the perfect property for you! Alongside this, we have a portfolio of external properties. These are in the areas surrounding our main X1 Lettings locations. Therefore we are confident we can meet your needs, whatever they may be.


Check out our award winning portfolio of apartment rentals in locations throughout the UK ; Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Kent.

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Our Student & Residential Properties in Manchester


Our Student & Residential Properties in Liverpool


Our Student & Residential Properties in Liverpool


Our Student & Residential Properties in Kent