Wellness Wednesday

Covid-19 aside, moving out for the first time can be daunting. You’re leaving your home, friends and family and will be embarking on all new experiences. We asked you to send in your questions for this week’s Wellness Wednesday, and we would answer them.

Moving out worries

One big worry at the moment is whether or not you should move out of home. We have tried to remain as unbiased as possible about this, but we now believe that if you can then do. Being cooped up at home with parents and siblings in the depths of winter will make all the hard work you did for your A-Levels seem like a waste. At least in student accommodation, you can make new friends and begin your own journey, whether that’s in lectures or working from home.


FAQ’s for Students

Jaimie, Ashley and Laurie have been to various Universities across the UK, yet have all had very different experiences. Whether it’s about saving money, going out or making friends, we hope you might be able to take something from this video.