Overseas Student Bookings & the Return of Student Accommodation

Whilst the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic caused a sharp drop in housing rents, the vaccination process is proving to be a success and confidence within the student accommodation sector is beginning to return, especially in Manchester & Liverpool.

Our overseas booking partners have been noticing this increase for weeks but do add that the uncertainty has meant that interest is not turning into an increase in bookings for the next academic year.

The team here at X1 Lettings are noting similar patterns and continues to negotiate with all property applications to ensure these are confirmed as a booking at the earliest opportunity.

When will campus-based learning return?

The Department for Education has confirmed that on-campus learning will return after May 17th. The UK Government has also made an additional £15million available to help students who are facing difficulty paying their rent.

This announcement sits in line with step 3 of the Government roadmap to exit lockdown restrictions and returning students will be subject to a number of covid tests throughout the duration of the summer term.

Our Marketing Approach for the return of Student Accommodation in Manchester and Liverpool
Here at X1 Lettings, we are noticing a continued upwards trend with regards to large group bookings within student accommodation.

In fact, 40% of current student enquiries received by the team are for group bookings and we are confident that the appetite for shared student accommodation is returning.

All viewings continue to be held in the student property show apartments across Liverpool & Manchester which has contributed towards the surge in bookings registered over the past month (30% up compared to the previous month).