Make Time To Move ?‍♀️

Exercise is a vital stress reliever for many people. This is even more essential now that everybody is stuck at home and probably not moving as much as they normally would.

Over the past couple of days, major gym brands and now fitness influences over Instagram are offering free, live workouts throughout the day via Instagram Live.

This is a fantastic opportunity to try new workouts which you wouldn’t normally do and get your endorphins flowing. Why not tell your friends & all plan to sign up to the same free workout class to still feel that social connection!

The Body Coach has a range of fantastic at home workouts!

If fresh air is what you’re craving and you do not have any symptoms then go for a walk, run or bike ride. Fresh air can help boost your mood and reinforce a degree of normalcy in your day to day!

Practice Mindfulness ?

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the change at the moment, why not consider trying meditation. This may not be your normal go to but self isolation is allowing people to have more time to try new things. So why not give it a go! The Breathing App  is a free app which you can download onto your phone.

Eat Well ?

It’s easy when stressed to let your diet slide and turn to less nutritious comfort foods. However if you do feel a little anxious during this time, a balanced diet is vital to keep your immune system strong and healthy. Use this time to focus on your wellbeing and get yourself into healthier habits.

Communicate ?

Maintaining connections with family and friends is as important as ever. It’s easy to feel isolated so keeping in touch is very important. FaceTime your friends, call your parents and start a group text. On weekends, why not organise a virtual gathering with friends for happy hour & game nights!

Limit Your News & Social Media Intake ❌

Keeping up with constant updates on the news or over social media only makes anxiety and stress worse. Try and limit your news & social media intake at the moment. There is lots of fake new stories out there which can just make you worry unnecessary.

Make better use of your time and do something positive and productive instead. This will make you much happier and uplifted rather than scrolling through social media all day.

By practicing self-care, engaging in activities that bring you joy and taking a break from the news and social media, you will be able to turn this new situation into a positive focusing on ‘me time.’