Queen Elizabeth II opened Parliament on 11th May, setting out the government plans to “deliver a national recovery from the pandemic that makes the United Kingdom stronger, healthier and more prosperous than before.”.5

With regards to how this will shape the property industry, the speech was focused on upcoming changes to property legislation, modernizing the planning system, encouraging more people to become homeowners and strengthening the rights of those in rental accommodation, a gentle nod to the ‘Renters Reform Bill’ which has not yet come into play.


The Planning Bill

A bill is expected to be put before Parliament before Summer and if approved, noticeable changes would include the introduction of a traffic light system for planning permissions across the UK.

In this scenario, the UK would be divided up by local councils and areas would be recognised as areas for “growth” “protection” or “renewal.”

Future development within the ‘Protection’ and ‘Renewal’ zones would be restricted whilst automatic planning permission would be granted in ‘Growth’ zones for any applications to build new schools, new homes, shops, offices and hospitals, provided that they meet local planning rules.


The Renters Reform Bill 

The Renters Reform Bill was announced in a speech by Queen Elizabeth II on 19th December 2019.

Main inclusions of the Bill – which has been delayed in its launch due to the Covid 19 pandemic- would include:

  • Abolishing Section 21 and reestablishing the grounds for possession
  • Amending the Court process to make it quicker for Landlords to regain possession of their property
  • Introduction of a ‘lifetime deposit’ so that tenants would not need to save for a new deposit on each home move

Campaigning remains ongoing as the bill is not yet implemented – including that for a dedicated ‘Housing Court’ and all Landlords in our care will be kept up to date with changes that may impact you.

Other bills currently going through include Dogs & Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection Bill) which is currently at the stage of 2nd reading in The House of Commons.

If this is passed, tenants would enjoy an assumed right to take pets into rental properties with them.

The 30th of June will see further legislation changes for Right to Rent Checks – as agents and Landlords have been instructed to continue to use Passports and national ID cards until this date for all Right to Rent checks.

We will continue to keep all Landlords in our care up to date with legislation and changes.