Spooky season is officially upon us. It’s time to dust off the costumes and head to…well…the sofa?


The usual Halloween celebrations aren’t possible this year. But that’s ok! You can still dress up, order some food and have the ultimate Halloween Movie Marathon.

If you’re wondering which movies to tackle this year then look no further. We’ve put together a go-to-guide of our top Netflix picks.

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The Conjuring ?

Fan of a jump scare? This one’s for you. Follow the Perron family as they experience paranormal phenomena in their new home. Demonologists arrive to try and rid them of the evil haunting them.


Bram Stokers Dracula ?

The 1992 adaptation of the classic book is a winner. A stellar cast, Hollywood glitz and just the right amount of creepy means you won’t be up all night. We hope.


American Psycho ?

Christian Bale is Patrick Bateman; the very definition of sociopath. This horror satire will give you a few laughs, but the creep factor is still high. A must watch if you’ve never seen before!



Orphan ??

If you like a film with a plot twist, check out Orphan. Unsuspecting parents adopt a little girl called Esther. As you’ve probably guessed, she turns out to be a bit of a handful. We say no more. Just watch.


Hereditary ?

A 2018 supernatural thriller about Annie, a woman whose mother has passed away. While mourning her, Annie and her daughter start to experience other worldly events. This one’s intense, but it’s worth it.


Insidious ?

The original is always best. A couple try to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose son in another realm. Sounds insane we know. But it’s guaranteed to make you jump out of your seat!




So grab the snacks, get comfy and enjoy a Halloween Movie Marathon this year! Have a spooktacular night ?



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