Further Legislation on the Horizon

As an ARLA agency, we remain committed to providing our landlord clients with the highest level of care which is governed by a robust code of ethics and demonstrates our commitment and passion to raising standards within the industry.

Data and knowledge sharing is very important to us as an agency and whilst we are aware that landlords in our care are looking for a hands-off management approach, we are keen to ensure that you’re kept up to date with any changes in legislation.

Managing change and complying with legislation forms only a small part of X1’s property management services and it is one we take seriously.

At present, NTSELAT, PropertyMark, and RICS are working on guidance for all lettings agencies with regards to ongoing cladding remediation works and obligations under the CPR’s (Consumer Protection Regulations.)

We remain in contact with the Block Management Agency for all properties in our care which could be impacted by the cladding remediation works and are confident this information is being communicated effectively with leaseholders.

As the UK Government outlined the  ” Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution” this has understandably had an impact on the property sector with point 7 of the plan focused on ‘Greener Buildings’

Whilst changes – including URPN‘s (Unique Property Reference Numbers) which are linked to the object for the entire life cycle may not be an overnight change – it is a huge project that remains ongoing.

The notion of a URPN in property would link; the EPC, Electrical Safety Certificates, Gas Safety Certificates, Deposit Registration Certificates, Inventory Reports, Planning, Council Tax, Insurance Documents, Utilities, and more whilst pushing them further into the public domain.

Benefits of the URPN would include allowing tenants to ensure their property is safe, access to the documents available to the Local Authorities and speeding up the buying/selling process.

As your managing agency, we have access to and hold all of these documents on our CRM and are able to share them with you on request. If your properties are managed by another agency, we would implore you to ensure that these documents are readily available and of course that EICRS are being given to tenancies before the start date.

From the 1st April 2021, EICR’s will now be required for properties with existing tenancies in place.

Legislative changes are constant and we welcome them as a way to strengthen practices and professionalise the property sector. What’s next? We will be sure to keep you updated with Section 44 announcements, Renters Reform Bill (amends), AML 5th Directive Guidance, and the Fire Safety Bill.

As RoPA comes in to force, we would like to reassure you that X1’s team either hold or are currently working towards Level 3 qualification as a basic industry requirement.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of property legislation in any further detail, please do not hesitate to get in touch and X1’s Head of Compliance will be happy to arrange a phone call with you.

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