Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world, with more than 2 billion people marking the beginning of the Lunar New Year each year. In 2024, the festivities are set to be even more special as it’s the Year of the Dragon, which symbolizes power, strength and good fortune. 

For those celebrating in the UK you’re in luck as cities such as Manchester and Liverpool are set to come alive with vibrant parades, delicious food and drink, as well as cultural performances to welcome the new year.

In this guide, we will be shedding light on the significance of Chinese New Year, and how you can celebrate in 2024 whilst living with us at X1!  

celebrating chinese new year 2024

The Significance of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, holds deep cultural and historical significance for many people world wide. In the Chinese zodiac, each year is represented by one of the twelve animals, with each animal signifying different traits and characteristics. The Year of the Dragon is considered one of the most special, as it symbolises power, strength, and good fortune.

Usually, Chinese New Year celebrations last for around 15 to 16 days. This is because the annual event begins with the new moon that falls sometime between the end of January and the end of February, and then ends on the following full moon

This year, Chinese New Year begins on February 10th and the celebrations come to an end with the Lantern Festival, taking place on February 24th

the significance of chinese new year

Celebrating in Manchester and Liverpool

In cities like Manchester and Liverpool, Chinese New Year celebrations are set to go off with a bang for 2024 with plenty of activities planned. From traditional dragon and lion dances to vibrant fireworks displays to fun parades, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in these North West cities! 


For those living in Manchester, you can head over to Chinatown, where the streets are set to come alive with dragon dances, dazzling lanterns, and mouth-watering street food to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

Hosting a feast and eating traditional Chinese food is also a great way to welcome the New Year, so why not visit one of the city’s many Asian restaurants offering delicious cuisine? Some foods which are considered lucky in Chinese culture are dumplings and fish!  



If you’re celebrating in Liverpool, the festivities are set to take over the iconic Chinatown arch, with parades, performances, and fireworks lighting up the sky. 

Liverpool’s Chinatown is even home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe, and hosts an array of events including street performances, cultural workshops, and art exhibitions to mark the special occasion.

So, if you’re living in either of these cities, you’re bound to have an amazing time welcoming the Year of The Dragon! 



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Happy Chinese New Year from all of us at X1, we do hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. Below you can watch our video, where some of our fantastic team members discuss what this special event means to them.

So, there you have it, folks X1’s official guide to celebrating Chinese New Year 2024 in the UK. Whether you’re in Manchester, Liverpool, or anywhere other city, let’s come together, embrace the spirit of the dragon, and make some unforgettable memories! 

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