📜 A brief history of X1 Lettings

X1 Lettings began life in Liverpool with our first development of student apartments, X1 Borden Court.

Now in our tenth year of operations, we are the appointed management agency for 4000 properties across the UK. This continual rapid expansion and growth have secured our position as a market leader for student and residential accommodation in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds & Chatham, Kent. Following our success in the North of England, we extended our operations to the South of England and in 2020 we welcomed our first tenants to X1 Chatham Waters in Kent – our flagship development consisting of 199 luxury apartments located in one of London’s fastest-growing commuter belts.

🏠 About X1 Lettings

The unique structure of the business has been instrumental in our success. Each landlord has a dedicated Senior Account Manager who oversees the management of their property, whilst a team of Tenancy Care Managers and Property Managers ensure that our residents receive the highest customer service levels.

With over 10 years of experience in Lettings, here at X1, we pride ourselves on the quality of accommodation in our portfolio, complemented by our friendly and enthusiastic team. Whether you are looking for your new student accommodation in Liverpool or Manchester, or you’re a working professional in Liverpool, Manchester or Leeds, we are bound to have the perfect property for you!

🏆 Award-winning property management company

Here at X1 Lettings, we are proud to be recognised as a unique agency that stands out from the crowd. Our award achievements can reflect the outstanding work and service that each of our employees provides day to day to our residents, landlords, clients and anybody who comes into contact with X1 Lettings.

We are proud of each and every award we have won over the years and each award is a symbolism of the growth and success of X1 Lettings’ journey.

‍💼 Management

Melissa Green Managing Director

Hi i'm Melissa, the Managing Director at X1. As a managing agent of both luxury residential and student accommodation across Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Kent, I am proud of not only our brand, but the team of industry qualified professionals who represent X1 and what we do.

Lorna McCracken Head of Operations

Hi, I'm Lorna and I am the Head of Operations at X1. Along with overseeing operations across our 4 branches my keys focuses include maximising operational profit and streamlining running costs. I am extremely proud of the team at X1 and confident that anyone coming in to contact will benefit from both an excellent product and fantastic service.

Chris Martland Head of Finance

Hey! I’m Chris and I’ve been Head of Finance at X1 for the past 5 years. It’s great coming in to work with such a fun and talented group of people. In my spare time, I like acting as a quiz master. Here’s one for you… What is the only number which when spelt out has all of its letters in alphabetical order?

Eve Addison

Hello, I’m Eve. It is great to get to be involved with various different teams across the X1 business and focus on our marketing & communication strategies to present X1 as market leaders. I have worked at X1 for over 8 years and it has been fantastic to see the growth of the portfolio alongside getting to work with a growing number of lovely (& extremely talented) team members.

Polly Atkin Head of Property Management

Hi, I'm Polly and I am the Head of Property Management here at X1 Lettings. My role involves overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Property Management team in Liverpool, Manchester, and Leeds and I have over 15 years of experience in lettings. I started my career in Student Property Management and have held positions in various roles and locations across the UK and am passionate about improving the standard of properties in our care and contributing towards the uplift of occupancy across our sites and reductions in our sites voids.

Anna Martland HR Manager

Hi! I am Anna and my role as HR Manager involves looking after all people aspects within X1 Lettings. Including; support and guidance to Employees and Managers, recruitment, internal policies and operational functions. Outside of X1, I am a mum of one and I run a small online craft business 🧶

Anna Bonner HR Manager

Hello! I’m Anna and my role as Head of HR involves looking after everything surrounding our internal people here at X1 Lettings. People are my passion, my background is in people management and employee relations within a large bank and I also have a Masters in Clinical Counselling, so when I’m not at X1 I work with clients in therapy on a wide variety of issues. 💁

Caroline Davies Deputy Regional Manager

Hello, I'm Caroline and I am the Deputy Regional Manager at X1. Along with providing guidance to the Senior Account Managers and coaching them to succeed in the management of their teams, I also oversee day to day operations across the office. Some of my key focuses include overseeing service levels to ensure that the team are exceeding clients' expectations.

🏘️ Lettings Liverpool Office

Alexandra Howard Branch Manager

Hi, I'm Alex the Branch Manager for the X1 Lettings Liverpool office.

Katie Hadfield Head of Training and Development

Hi, My name is Katie Hadfield and I am the Head of Training and Development for X1. I am responsible for the training and development for all new starters as well as our current team members. I am also responsible for keeping all members of X1 up to date with any legislation changes that have come into effect. I have been at X1 for 3 years now and I have been lucky enough to be a part of different departments within the company during my time here.

Leah Smith Senior Account Manager

Hello, I am Leah, Senior Account Manager for X1 Liverpool One. I have been with the X1 family since the start of 2022 & have worked within the property industry for the past 8 years.

Phil O'Flaherty Senior Account Manager

Hi, I'm Phil and I am the Senior Account Manager for The Tower, The Studios & The Courtyard in Liverpool. My team and I also oversee the management of any external properties we have throughout the city and nearby region. I have been working in Lettings and Student Accommodation for over three years now, with a long background in Hospitality Management before that. I'm passionate about providing a high quality and personable service at all times, with a strong focus on building a strong rapport with both my landlord and tenants.

Chloe Hughes Senior Account Manager

Hi, i'm Chloe the Senior Account Manager for X1 Borden Court, X1 The Edge and X1 Arndale House.

🏘️ Lettings Manchester Office

Leighton McMylor General Manager

Hi, I'm Leighton the General Manager at X1. My background in property spans over 20 years, firstly in building management and executive concierge services for No1 Deansgate, The Hacienda and many more. I then moved into Residential Sales, Lettings & Property Management and remained with the same company for 16 years - being promoted up to Operations Director. At X1, my role involves providing support to a number of teams across the business.

Bradley Fredrick Senior Account Manager

Hi, I'm Bradley the Senior Account Manager for X1 Media City Tower A, B and D.

Mai Armitage-Pryce Senior Account Manager

Hi, I'm Mai the Senior Account Manager for X1 Manchester Waters C. I joined X1 in June of 2023 for a new challenge. I have experience in the real estate industry, previously working for a luxury leisure and commercial Property Developer.

Julia Drayton Senior Account Manager

Hi, I'm Julia the Senior Account Manager for X1 The Gateway, The Exchange, Town Hall and Landmark.

Jade Wood Senior Account Manager

Hi, my name is Jade and I am a Senior Account Manager here at X1 looking after properties in Greater Manchester and Salford Quays.

Sophie Spencer Senior Account Manager

Hi, I'm Sophie the Senior Account Manager for Salford Quays and our external properties.

Daniel Godlewski Senior Account Manager

Hi my name is Daniel and I am Senior Account Manager for all student accommodations in Manchester at X1. Previously I worked for the biggest HMO provider for students in the country where I developed all my skills and experience. I have over 7 years of experience in student lets. I joined X1 in June 2022 and I enjoy every day here at X1 helping all our landlords and working with fantastic people.

🏘️Leeds and Chatham Office

Olivia Martin Senior Account Manager

Hello, I'm Olivia and I am the Senior Account Manager at our first development down South, X1 Chatham Waters and our first development in Leeds, X1 Aire. When I am not at work I love spending time with my family, especially my little niece and nephew, travelling to new places and attempting to improve my not so great baking skills! 👩‍🍳

Annie Merrony annie@x1management.com

I am the Tenancy Care Manager for X1 Aire and X1 Chatham Waters, which means I am the tenant's primary point of contact, assisting them with the move-in process, renewals and keeping on top of any rent arrears. I also help with the property management and maintenance side of things.

Roxanne Desmond

I am the Enquiries & Viewings Account Manager, I oversee all the enquiries that come through for X1 Aire and X1 Chatham Waters, and liaise with the current tenants to arrange all the viewings for the potential new tenants.

Eleanor Cooke

My role at X1 is Property Manager for X1 Aire and X1 Chatham, Waters. I am on-site four days a week and on my email 24/7 to deal with any issues.

🖍️ Marketing

Matty Morgan Brand Ambassador

Hi I'm Matty, X1's Brand Ambassador. My main focus at X1 is maintaining a healthy brand reputation, creating marketing content for brand exposure and making sure that the brand is seen by new potential customers.

Chloe Carr Marketing Copywriter

Hi, I'm Chloe the Marketing Copywriter at X1. My role involves writing a wide variety of content from articles to press releases to email marketing to welcome guides to social media posts. As a member of the marketing team, I also work on a mix of other creative projects too!

Alex Pompe Junior Marketing Assistant

Hi, I'm Alex the Junior Marketing Assistant at X1. As the Junior Marketing Assistant at X1, a key part of my role involves dressing our properties. Apartment dressing is important to present our properties in a professional and visually appealing way for potential residents.

Gina Clements Junior Marketing Executive

Hi, I'm Gina the Junior Marketing Executive at X1.

💰 Sales

Patrick Martland Senior Consultant - Residential Investment

Hi, I'm Patrick the Senior Consultant for Residential Investment at X1.

Amy Mossop Head of Re-sales and New Business

Hi, my name is Amy. I have worked at X1 Lettings for the last 4 years, my current role is the Head of Re-sales and New Business. It has been great watching the company grow and evolve over the last 4 years and I am very excited to see what the future has in store!

Rob McGowan Operations Assistant

Hi, I'm Rob and my role at X1 is Operations Assistant. I work within the Sales Department.

📈 Finance

Finance Team
George Wheeler Finance Account Manager

Hi, I'm George and my role is Finance Account Manager at X1.

Finance Team
Sandy Fenlon Finance Account Manager

Howdy! I'm Sandy and I'm a finance assistant here in the Liverpool office. My role mostly consists of processing rent for L1, The Terrace and The Courtyard. It's a fun job that keeps me busy, especially at the start of the academic year! Fun fact about me: my grandfather's impersonation of his lawnmower was the original inspiration for the crazy frog ringtone 🐸

Finance Team
Will Beeley Finance Account Manager

Hi, I'm Will and I work in the Finance Team at X1 Lettings Manchester. If I'm not talking numbers and designing some serious spreadsheets you'll find me on the football pitch pretending I'm the next Jesse Lingard ⚽

Jack Holt Finance Account Manager

Hi, I'm Jack and I work as a I'm a big sports fan and love a day out at the cricket or watching the only football team in Manchester City 🏏

Katy Whatling Finance Account Manager

Hey, my name is Katy. Outside of work you will find me climbing a mountain or sipping on cocktails at the Albert Dock!

👩‍💼 Operations & Administration

Stephanie Murphy Executive Assistant

Hi, I’m Stephanie and my role at X1 is Executive Assistant. I am a mum of 3 that does not believe in negativity so when I’m not in the office I am usually dancing and singing with my three crazy babies at home or cheering so hard at the Liverpool games on the teley as we are all football crazy in our home 🎤

Alana Clark Office Administrator

Hi, I'm Alana, I am the Office Admin for the X1 Manchester Office and I take care of the day to day admin work.

Melisa Zisko Office Administrator

Hi, I'm Melisa, I am the Office Admin for the X1 Liverpool Office and I take care of the day to day admin work as well as making sure everything in the office runs smoothly.

⚙️ Maintenance

Ben Kirk Maintenance Operative
Stuart Bramwell Maintenance Operative
Philip Yorke Maintenance Engineer
Neil Meath Maintenance
Liam Meath Maintenance

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X1 Lettings

X1 Property Management Limited T/A X1 Lettings is a company registered in England and Wales.

The registered company number is 1024607 and the registered office address is 116 Duke Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, England, L1 5JW.

For further information on Propertymark Conduct & Membership Rules (specifically the rules for handling Client Money) please follow the below link :

X1 Property Management Limited T/A X1 Lettings is a member of The Property Ombudsman membership scheme effective  02/07/2023.
Membership number : D8418.

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